Chom Hom Market

Sloth Village is a brand new destination on Dalat tourism map, which is launched over 1 year. Indeed, this is a really romantic, gorgeous, wild and unique place lying in the valley.
There are many places for sight-seeing in the village like: fire camping, suspension bridge, wooden houses with 5 star interior but still show the wild spirit, stone roads with bush of flowers. And Chom Hom Market is a remarkable name.
Chom Hom Market is actually a wooden house which sells souvenirs, unique items like statue of miniature house, bark, dosser, dried gourd,… and the best seller is the wadded sloth. Once arrive to the village, you should buy a wadded sloth as a present. End up the itinerary is Co Ho Village. This is a small village with some compartments with wooden boat, wine pot, dried corn, gong,…