Communal house

Communal house is a typical stilts, this is the community house, as people of the village, used as a meeting place, exchange and discussion of the villagers in the villages in the Central Highlands, or also where welcome Guest (customary Ba Na), despite the family's private hotel or village common.
Communal house was built mainly by the material of the Highland mountains as reeds, bamboo, wood, bamboo ... and is built on a wide range of land, located in the central area of ​​the village.
Communal house where enforcement of customary law, where the seating, the place where the great events of the village, where the village elders gathered to discuss the importance of them and the country. It also hosts festivals and spiritual community where generations of old artisans convey to younger generations the traditional cultural values ​​...
Besides the communal house is a place kept the traditional kind: gong, gongs, drums, weapons, head of sacrificial animals in the holidays.