Cu Lan conservation area

Island Village is a small village Activity beautiful, romantic (width about 30 hectares) located between the thousands of acres hectares of primary forest at the foot of the mountain wilderness Langbiang spread. Culan village 21 km from Xuan Huong Lake, a tourist resort Golden Valley 9 km in direction SuoiVang - SuoiBac. Silver stream is a stream in the village of CuLan. Guests pass through the provincial road 722, one of Vietnam's most beautiful road to CuLan Village.
The village existed since the 60s of the 20th century the village K'Ho Ethnicity besides farming, hunting, gathering alive by two main industry is mining plant CuLan - manipulated into the CuLan abstract bearing Xuan Huong Lake for tourists (people often called the "CuLi" or the CuLan yellow coat with medical effects in haemostasis). Simultaneously, K'Ho then also into the woods "pick up" the CuLan cute, have the most beautiful eyes of the world to feed or sold to visitors from afar. CuLan gentle animals are primarily nocturnal. (Today, CuLan are classified as endangered animals in the Red Book). Culan famous meek, to meet any danger does CuLan lying curled up with both hands covering his precious eyes. It is simply "picked" anthropocentric CuLan put in baskets brought. Villagers here gentle, rustic and very CuLan witty saying that when in danger, CuLan cover your eyes to not see the danger that, for once not tickle the danger is not there risk anything, do whatever one wants.
Today the village "CuLan" embellished, invest and put into tourism by the GBQ Company. Village "Culan" 5 array is served to visitors, playground teambuilding, camping, resort, restaurant and many services and facilities associated with the nature.