Hamlet K’Ho

Fall in love with a K’Ho girl who lives in the base of Lang Biang, together with the passion of agriculture, the American man decided to get into the village and learn how to grow coffee tree and make roasted coffee, which might become a commercial brand.
The love story and startup of an American man Joshua Rolan, 32 years old, and Co Lieng Rolan, a 28 years old K’Ho woman who lives in the foot of Land Biang, sounds like a fairy tale in modern life.
Rolan told that, he started to get used to with the coffee tree and experienced roasting coffee since 2010. 2 years later, he decided to name it K’Ho Coffee as a brand. This type of coffee keeps sour flavor of fruit after roasting and it’s considered mostly 100% pure coffee. The coffee bean is roasted ripely, which will serve the eye catching and shining grey brown Arabica coffee afterwards. 
At K’Ho Village, you will be served the best coffee which you will never forget.
K’Ho Village is a mini sized town of K’Ho people.