The Sloth Village is a small beautiful romantic village (30 hectares wide) located between a thousand of hectare of wild ancient woodland on the base of wide Lang Biang. The Sloth Village is apart from Xuan Huong Lake around 21km, 9km from Gold Valley with Gold Valley – Silver Valley itinerary. Silver Stream is lying peacefully in Sloth Village. The tourist can get pass Provincial Road 722, one the most fabulous road in Vietnam to come to the village.
As the legend, the village was built in the 1960s of 20th century by The Silly Guy, who lived with his native ethnic group, called K’Ho. Beside agriculture, hunting, picking fruits, they also do Silly Tree excavation, then sharpen them into the symbol of Sloth and sell them in the area of Xuan Huong Lake (they often call the symbol Culi with bronze fur that is useful for hemostatic treatment). The K’Ho people at present trek to the forest and find the loveliest sloth with the most beautiful eyes to feed them. Sloth is a kind of gentle animal, live at night (Sloth is the precious piece, listed in the Red Book). They are famous for the tenderness, whenever they are endangered, they stay rolled using hands to cover their eyes. Right then, people just pick them up to the basket and bring them to the village. The villagers are very nice and speak with simplicity: the Sloth thinks when they do not see anything dangerous, it’s safe. Therefore, when they meet something dangerous they use hands to cover their eyes in order to be safe. Then people can do whatever with them.
Nowadays, The Sloth Village is invested by GBQ Co. to develop tourism industry. The village provides 5 main services: sight-seeing, teambuilding activities, camping, resort and spa, restaurants, and other naturally outdoor activities.
The Sloth Village officially welcomed the tourists in the middle of 2011 and at once it became the most exciting event of the year. It contributed to the tourism picture in Dalat, diversified inbound and outbound tours in Dalat, Lam Dong. One of remarkable thing, The Sloth Village has pleased more than 1,5 million tourists within 2 years by their own unique style.