The Story Of Sloth Village

There are many tales to explain this is named Sloth Village. All of them are kind of interesting. However, the most well-known and passed by tradition is the story by the villagers. In the early 20th century, there was a guy from the delta moving to the mountain with the dream of building a heaven among the forest for the one he loves. 
Perhaps, with that weird and silly stuff, people called him The Silly Guy. The rumor of a Silly Guy picking rocks to build heaven in the mountain among the forest for his Love, flied to the girl. She left the city and headed to the forest. She was stunned by the gorgeousness of wildly natural mountainous scenery and was touch by sincere love of The Silly Guy.
The Girl stayed with The Silly Guy. They built their love cottage by the dreaming stream among green hills and bushed of wild flowers, which The Silly Guy used to think about. From then on, they named their village The Sloth, according to a piece of animal which is silly and gentle. In the present, the villagers still tell the story by songs: The Silly, Heart of The Silly, The Sloth Village, The dream of The Silly,…